Addendum to previous post on Allegations Against me by Jas Morgan

I was gonna write a post for Trans Day of Visibility, and I probably still will after this. But it was brought to my attention that Jas Morgan made another allegation about myself and Union Docs which I did not address in the previous post. They claim we published their writing and edited materials against their wishes. This is a serious and entirely false allegation which they know is false yet have not made any attempt to correct.

The fact is Jas Morgan asked us to remove all of their writing and edited materials from the book in 2022. We did that. We did not even keep the title the same. The reason the reader moved forward is because we commissioned writing from three new writers to write scholarly essays/poems about my practice. Since it takes a long time to write and edit a reader, the book is actually not even published yet but will be shortly and released this summer of 2024 of materials Jas Morgan was not involved with.

Again I am not sure why Jas Morgan is clinging to a patently false narrative except to try to paint me as a predatory collaborator who steals ideas.

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