Omfg so I don’t remember how much I complained here about this. But basically the name change thing has been A LOT of work and taken A LOT of time. I had changed everything I could change without a birth certificate, and then was just waiting to get it. I called the vital statistics office a couple weeks ago and they’d said they mailed it on the 12th of April. So I waited and waited and waited and called today and found out they didn’t send it to my address, they sent it to my doctor’s office! And then it was already 12pm so I had to wait an hour until lunch was over to find out if they had it. And I was having all this anxiety like omg if they mailed it back to Saskatchewan I would be fucked, or if the address was a bit off maybe it went to Tim Horton’s instead and then I’d be fucked because who at Tim Hortons would bother looking through their old mail for me?

BUT I did reach the office and the guy went and looked and there was a long wait, but he found it. So I walked over and finally got my birth certificate. WOW I was pissed tho which kind of took away from the joy of finally getting this crucial document.

Anyway, the birth certificate was accurate, my new name and gender were on it the way they were meant to be. So it’s fine. It sucks it took so long but now I never have to be anxious waiting for that again.

ALSO it means I can finally go get my passport! Which is exciting because that means I will be able to travel again and do gigs in foreign countries. Which has been in prior years a big source of income that I just could not access while this whole name change stuff went through. And it’s like, the entire school year of 2023-2024 was basically toast because of this name change stuff.

I’m looking forward to having a passport ESPECIALLY because I have a trip to Troy NY this month and to NYC next month. So I was getting so fucking anxious about maybe having to cancel my Troy trip, also because that is $3000 USD that I need. I need money all the time omg. But yeah, it’s gonna be ok. Now I can do those trips. And in the end not being able to go to NYC for my birthday was fine because I was short of money anyway so it would have sucked going there just to be poor in another city. No oyster bar! Sadness.

I’m excited to get a passport, especially because I look super sexy in my passport photo. Ha ha if a passport photo could be sexy, that would be it. Plus I’m hoping going through borders is easier after this, because my name and gender matches what I look like at this point in time. Everything is aligning!

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