Passport office PLUS link to an Interview!

Went to the passport office and felt the most prepared out of a lot of the people who were showing up still filling out forms. The only thing that sucked was the waiting. THREE HOURS on a little chair in a medium sized room. And I had a weird sequence of numbers that was only coming up rarely in the queue. BUT it got to me and I had nothing weird happen. He saw my driver’s license and name change document and birth certificate and OLD passport and my filled in forms and my photos and it was all fine. I can pick it up next week. And then I can go where ever I want again, which will be nice.

I counted up the time between my last international trip and the day I can pick up my passport and it will be six months and seven days from the beginning of my name change process to get nearly EVERYTHING changed and to get a new passport. Name change, Driver’s license and health card, Status card, bank and credit card, CRA, YMCA, birth certificate, passport. Next I need to do my SIN number which means another trip to a Service Canada office, such a drag! But that’s a problem for another day. After that it’s changing my business account name at CRA. It was such a damn hassle, and now it’s nearing the end! I will just be a Theo Jean Cuthand everywhere. And my gender will be male everywhere. So that’s nice.

The Walker Art Center published an interview Shawaan Francis Keahna did with me just before the holidays last year! You can read it here!

Aside from all that, just relieved that my name change shit is practically over and done with. Never gonna change my name and gender legally again, too much of a hassle to do more than once. BUT now I’ll be able to roam around the globe again, and things will be easier, except for going through the airport scanner where they get worried because I have no cis cock. But if I ever get married it will be with my real name which is nice. Or any other bureaucratic paperwork anyway. They were still using my old name at the hospital today which was annoying because it’s def Theo Jean Cuthand in OHIP now. Whatever! No not whatever, I hope they use Theo from now on. I suffered by having to stay in Canada for six months for this name!

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