I’m FREE!!!

Theo and his new Canadian Passport
I can travel under my real identity now!

I finally have my passport! OMFG though, I almost cried. I went and they showed it to me and then the woman behind the counter was like “Oh this part isn’t right.” And they had put an F instead of an M and I was just like omg. I mean there was an M on my application, and M’s on every piece of ID I used for my application except for my old passport which obviously had an F. BUT they said they would fix it and to come back in an hour. And they did! I came back and had to wait around a little longer, but I finally have my nice shiny new passport. The Photo page is way stronger than the old one I had, it’s an actual plastic card so it can’t get bent. It probably also has electronic data in it. But yeah I’m so excited! I can travel again internationally.

It’s very depressing not having a passport. But it’s over! I can go anywhere (where I am legally allowed to exist as a Queer Trans person). And the borders should be easier, no double takes trying to figure me out. Plus this is the first passport since I got my facial tattoos, so it’s way more accurate to me. Plus losing my hair! Bald tattooed man named Theo! It’s such a relief.

I am going to Troy NY in two weeks and then next month going to NYC for work and also Pride. So I’m relieved I finally have the passport. It would suck to have to reschedule those work things.

I also saw my hematologist for a second time because I’ve been having longstanding blood issues that he hadn’t thought were a big thing but needed to check and today confirmed it’s NOT cancer, because the last two blood draws I’ve done my white blood cells were back in normal range. So I’m gonna live!!! Ha ha it’s weird, I mean in the back of my head I was always wondering “is it cancer?” but luckily no it’s not at all. So that is a relief. It’s likely got to do with another infection which would come and go. But I am ok!!

My Mom sent me money to feed the dogs and myself, so I am going to make a breakfast strips casserole. I can’t call it bacon because it doesn’t have nitrates and so it’s technically not bacon. But normally yeah it’s bacon casserole. Which is just macaroni and tomatoes and onions and bacon with cheese on top. It’s my favourite childhood comfort food. Plus the food bank has been giving me can after can of crushed tomatoes so I need to do something with them before I go to the food bank again tomorrow.

I also have some work to finish up tonight. And tomorrow and Thursday and then it’s my surgery on Friday! BYE TUBES!!! Ha ha I wish I could have a bye tubes party with one of those inflatable tube guys. Or two, one for each side. I don’t think there’s an option in Grindr to say I’m sterile, just options for like if you use condoms or not or if you are on PrEP. But there’s so many trans guys on there and people who make sperm who like us so it would be nice to have that option. I mean you can also just mention it I guess when you talk. I’m just trying to think of easier ways to slut around. I’m really glad I won’t have to use hormonal birth control ever again though, always had a bad time on it.

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