A Note to the Likers

I had an awkward interaction yesterday. Someone who was once a friend/curator who had liked that defamatory post about me rode their bike past me and waved. I had actually unfriended/unfollowed them everywhere and blocked them. And they had obviously publicly supported my ostracization. So I’m not sure why they thought they could even say hello to me or wave. If they hadn’t been riding a bike past me I probably would have told them off. But since the people I’ve unfriended and blocked can read this. Yes I am still on social media and if you can’t see my posts it’s likely because I blocked you. And if you weren’t one of my sexual harassers who are also on my block list, it’s probably because likes are public and I noticed you supporting defamatory statements about me without talking to me first. Please do not interact with me in real life, if you support my ostracization then carry through with your actions and leave me the fuck alone.

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