Time for a Nerdy Bowtie

Todd has been going bananas all day. It was rainy so we didn’t really go out. He was causing all kinds of trouble. I was trying to send a work voice message and he started bringing me all these rolls of toilet paper. And then he knocked over the water dish on purpose. He wrestled with the other dog but I think she got sick of him eventually. Bouncing all over the place. He was a busy guy! Doing too many things!

We got bad news about funding this week, BUT I got good official news about job stuff. I signed my first teaching contract at a university! They actually sent a letter via email that said “Dear Professor Theo Cuthand.” I knew I was gonna teach this class but it still surprised me how emotional I felt to be addressed that way. Like in a good way obviously. I’ve been trying to break into teaching at a University level for like, a long time. And now I will get to teach! So I’m not sure yet if I will like it, but I do like doing workshops with students so I imagine it is somewhat similar.

Professor Cuthand. My Mom was a Prof, my Aunties have been or are Profs, my Grandpa was a Prof. It’s a lot of Profs in my family and now I get to be a third generation Indigenous Professor. That’s amazing! My family was super into education so it’s like, a pretty good trajectory I think, to have three generations of educators. And I’m trying to be fun and thoughtful and engaging in my classes. So hopefully that works out. I haven’t lead a workshop that involved grading though, so grading students will be new for me. But all in all it will be a good experience, or a learning opportunity. My cousin is a Vice Principal at a school in Alberta, so I guess there’s been three generations of educators for a while now. But yeah!

Todd is being a little bug as I type. He’s trying to annoy Posey and it’s working. He’s such a jerk.

A cute jerk though.

I wish things were easier. But also they are fine I guess. I did some challenging things with work this week and it seems to have worked out for everyone involved. AND now I’m a Professor. It’s wacky! I’ve been a little scrappy punk for so long, and now I get to be semi-respectable.

My rent cheque bounced today which was SO FRUSTRATING because it went into overdraft but the overdraft got covered, but they bounced it anyway. I think my bank is trying to pressure me into getting overdraft protection or something, which I wish I DID have but yeah, sucks. I did have almost the whole rent though because it was just this rinky dink 20 dollar automatic payment that came out that fucked me over. Like, SUCH A SMALL AMOUNT which is why I’m so pissed it bounced anyway. AND THEN they charged me 48 dollars plus 5 dollars for returning the cheque. I fucking hate TD. It’s shitty to bank with a pipeline bank anyway, but ugh.

Between TD being a dick, and Adobe deciding to scrape all our work for their AI features, I want to move stuff and find different companies to support, but changing my bank is such a headache, and I still have projects in Adobe Premiere Pro that need finishing. Ugh! It’s really getting annoying though.

So yeah it’s been a mixed week of highs and lows! But the highs are more sustainable over the long term, and I know the lows will turn around at some point. It’s just life I guess, up and down! Also I got invited to another American University to do a screening and talk etc, so I’m glad they’re contacting me again now that my name change stuff is sorted.

I’m 46 now, it’s about time I became a Professor.

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