Interview in Public Parking Publication, and thoughts!

Hey all! I have an interview right now in Public Parking Publication. Have a look!
“I like to think there are alternatives”: in conversation with Theo Jean Cuthand

I think it turned out pretty good!

Anyway, not many thoughts today. I got my new Status Card with my real name and gender on it. For the purposes of reality I just call my current name and gender my real name and gender since I was always heading this way eventually and I feel more me now. Other thoughts is that raising a puppy is HARD! I did not realize how difficult it would be until he was home. But also he’s this sweet adorable guy and I’m really in love with him. Some things that are totally connected to love are HARD. But worth it I guess. At this exact moment he is trying to dismantle the couch cushions. But I love him.

I have a work day today but today it’s creative work so I am looking forward to that. No meetings or deadlines today. But I was hoping to edit two videos. One is very close to being done, I just gotta finish it. The other one needs a breakthrough, BUT ALSO the breakthrough might come when I edit it more.

Anyway have a great Tuesday!

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