Thank god it’s Friday

I’m doing ok, doing work stuff. I am going to be editing a video all weekend but also hopefully have time for a hookup. The dogs can only be crated for three hours at a time, so generally I kick out my hookups after that time has elapsed. I’m a single Dad! I have limitations!

I finally got my taxes done, or rather, got all my stuff together and added up for my accountant to do my taxes. It’s going to be late, but hopefully the penalty isn’t too too bad. I guess we’ll see. I had a LOT of expenses last year, and only so much income, so I’m not sure how it will work out in my tax return. I think I will not have to pay too much, maybe nothing at all. I had a lot of medical expenses last year between therapy and massages and top surgery. And a lot of travel costs. So we’ll see.

I was overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do, so I made a big to do list. And I got through the admin stuff pretty quick. I still have to change my name on my business account so it matches. But I filled out two forms for the credit bureaus in Canada so they will change my name. I mailed them off last night. I also finally filed my corporate return for my production company, so it WON’T get dissolved and I should be able to use it to apply for more funds from funders that need a corporation. I also finished these Equity Diversity and Inclusion videos we made for McMaster, so that’s a relief, it was one of those tasks hanging over my head for ages. And they turned out really lovely, so I think it should be good now. I still need to figure out if I need to update my info in CAVCO and I don’t know where I go for that.

One of my funding things didn’t come through, but it’s OKAY because I made plans for the next year with the expectation that I wouldn’t get it. So I am not counting on it for income this year, and my income should still be definitely above poverty level for a while anyway. So I’m fine, and the plans for that project are shifting but it’s still not cancelled yet. I’m just waiting to hear back from people about where it could go from here and I have an idea of somewhere that could produce it. So it’s working out eventually I suppose.

I’m making money moves! Ha ha.

I got a faculty email account for the first time, which is exciting. So far the only email I have sent is to my Mom and my regular email address to test it. Yes it works! I don’t have a super professional signature on it, so I suppose I should work on that. And I’m not sure if I should put my website or my game’s download link in my signature. This is probably the most professional gig I’ve done, in regards to academics, so I’m not sure a sloppy overshare blog should be on there. ALTHOUGH this is also my artist website, so it is unprofessional in a professional way I guess?

I took a pic of my bulge that the new packer makes in my pants and posted it on Instagram but put the word “dick” in the caption, so it got autodeleted. No dicks on Instagram. It wasn’t my actual dick tho it was just the bulge. Sigh. It’s fine, I think they did leave a second one I posted because I didn’t write dick in the caption. It’s just trans masculine things I guess. It DOES feel nice, even though it’s fucking huge. I feel like it’s such a show off thing though and also kind of silly for me to walk around with since I’m not much of a top. I take turns, I’m not selfish, but also it’s just not my usual thing. But anyway, seems silly to delete something that is on a Rolling Stones album cover.

Anyway, the dogs are fine. I’ve been using that dog corrector spray can when they bark too much and it really works. I haven’t had to use it a LOT, but the times I have they definitely shut up. So that’s good. The neighbours will be happier.

I’ve got leftovers for dinner today. But I need to go through my freezer at some point and throw out all the freezer burned meat so I can put in fresh meat (to hopefully not freezer burn). Lol so boring!

I’ve stopped going to the food bank, partially because I missed my last appointment, but also because my money situation is better. Also I kept getting rice and spaghetti and that’s nice and all but I couldn’t eat it all in two weeks, so I was starting to end up with too many staples. PLUS the food I get at the store is more specific to what I actually like eating. I know it’s a privilege to be able to leave the food bank behind, but also I’m really glad it was there for me this winter/spring.

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