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Sodastreams of bubbly happiness

So this is a continuation of Fit Of Pique but on my site.  It’s kind of weird not seeing that Fit Of Pique banner.  I am sure I will get used to it.

So life’s good, I suppose.  I am busy with my project, which is super nice.  I was able to get a new suitcase and a Sodastream yesterday.  I read somewhere that Sodastream supports the Israeli occupation, which made me wonder if I could donate cash to some Palestinian organization to offset my “support” of Sodastream.  Like a carbon offset.  Then I was like “Could I give money to the PLO?” Because that was the first place I thought off.  Then I was like “Wait, does the PLO even exist anymore?”  Because I realized that is kind of an old word that you don’t hear on the news anymore.  And then I was like, fuck, they are probably considered a terrorist organization anyway and I would be like, on the no fly list for my $20 contribution.

Anyway, the PLO is not in charge anymore anyway, it is Hamas, and I think probably a donation to like, a Palestinian daycare would be better anyway.  Or some org that raises the profile of the Palestinian cause.  Or like, something that pays for people to guard olive trees.

See, I could have avoided this whole worry by not buying a Sodastream, except I really like soda and I have been coveting Sodastreams whenever I see them in stores.  And this one was really cheap, it was fifty bucks off!  AND it will keep me from giving so much money to Coca-cola Corp.  Which is something I have felt guilty about for years, because Coca-cola kills like, union leaders and stuff.  It is an evil corporation.

It looks like all soda is destined to have a dark side!

Anyway, I’ll be back later to blab about other things.  I think I should upload some jpgs of my art to this site so I’m gonna go do that, while I drink this Sodastream cola.