Sometimes I catch myself giggling over things which are so immature. I’m gooney I know. Surfing Bipolar World I came across a question about CBT (which in this context means cognitive behavioural therapy) which always makes me think of the BDSM term CBT, which means cock and ball torture. And I’m always so confused, I’m like, why does cock and ball torture help with manic depression?

Who knows, maybe there’s a CBT afficianado reading this whose all “Yeah, I do feel better after a long session of CBT!”

Being a part of so many different communities, like the bipolars, the bi-gendered, the dykes, the butches, the halfbreeds, the aboriginals, the leather folks, the video artists and the filmmakers, makes life very funny. Sometimes when cultural groups collide you can get some really amusing moments.

I remember one time during a video production this dyke friend of mine had some friends coming by who didn’t know she was a card carrying homo. So she told all of us “Don’t tell them I’m out!” (Which is funny for the sole reason that she obviously WASN’T out). So this aboriginal friend of ours said “Okay, so if they ask, ‘is so and so out’, we’ll say ‘No, she’s in.'”

Immature can be fun though, there are a lot of simple pleasures out there. Like watching a three year old north korean genius named Mo Kin play the zylophone.

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