Scary Models

Ever since watching America’s Next Top Model’s, models have scared me. Especially that one with the dark hair, eeee, she’s like a villian out of a Jacqueline Susann novel. And when Tyra Banks flipped out the other night, I mean holy shit. So dramatic!

And then living your life as a model, ugh, I always think of the movie Gia. Poor queer model.

It’s kind of sad that all my knowledge of the modeling industry is mediated, I don’t have any first hand knowledge. And anyway, there’s not a huge demand for fat butch models. Unless there’s a niche market. I guess there probably is, but I doubt I could make any kind of a living at it.

America’s Next Fat Butch: Thirteen chubby butches compete for the chance to star as a mechanic in a lesbian porn calendar.

It would be so lovely. I should enlist my other fat butch friends and make a porn calendar.

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