Fuck! I still have to figure out what to do with my DNA. Obviously I have an intense strain. I wasn’t going to do anything with it because I didn’t think people much liked me, and I was so not having my DNA live on in a world that doesn’t care for me. But I dunno, maybe it is just too intense! On the other hand, passing that kind of genetics down is alluring, just because I know if it was with a certain someone we could end up with an intense strain of profoundly gifted gender variant XX children. I don’t know if the world is ready for such a strain! It would be like reviving the Amazons or something. And they would probably be happy making art if there was no war, which is the good thing. And it’s meat eaters DNA, which is also weird, because then you have to figure out a way of bringing back humane wild game hunting. Which can be humane if you have a good hunter, otherwise you can just be an asshole. But I dunno, First Nations DNA needs meat to survive, it’s just kind of that way. A small family can live off of a couple of deer over an entire year if they have a large freezer. And eat salads, too, First Nations people ate vegetables, really! We do like side dishes.

There is a such thing as parthenogenesis, which is combining the DNA of two eggs to make a kid. You can’t do it with two sperms, but eggs have enough DNA to do it together. It’s been around for ages but it is supressed because guys don’t want girls to know sperm is not necessary anymore. I kind of didn’t think I could ever do it, but come to think of it I probably could find a scientist who has tried parthenogenesis. I mean, I did grow up with the people who trot off to do those things.

I’m worried about putting my eggs in a cryogenic chamber, just because I don’t want some demented fundamentalist coming along and trying to raise my kids. I so think my kid would accidentally blow them up or something. I dunno. On the other hand, maybe no one would want to touch my DNA. I hate that I have to think of children now, because I still need to be a non-parent for a while, but if I start taking hormones I kind of have to think about that stuff right now. It’s a tricky world. Plus I don’t think a child I had would be safe right now, there are too many mean motherfuckers running around who would be totally into screwing around with the child of a transman. A Native child, no less, because I know what they do to Native children here. Hmm. So many issues.

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