I had a brief weekend where I wasn’t sure I’d get into co-op housing, but it’s fine and I went down to pay my share capital of $800 this afternoon. I’m pretty happy about that. Finally I will get to live with my pets. It’s really hard to find housing that allows pets, I’ve noticed.

It’s a one bedroom too, which is good because right now I’m living in a bachelor, a pretty big bachelor, but a bachelor all the same. Now I get a living room!

Someone got shot in the arm at Lydia’s on a night I was there. My friend and I had left by the time someone got shot, but still it was scary. We did meet someone who seemed really sketchy there, he was all drunk and trying to talk to us. I don’t know why, personally I think he was a little homophobic.

I finally got my HK119 album! I’m really happy about it. And my new camera came into the Sony store today, so tomorrow I will go down to pick it up.

New camera!!!!

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