Not Diabetes!

Acid Reflux! ? I know, weird hey? I went to my doctor and she thinks I’ve been having trouble eating because of acid reflux. So I’m on some new meds. And So my weight loss is from not eating as much.

Damn, I really wish I could go to mom’s and eat, but I have to go somewhere else. Oh well. I will figure it out later.

I’m bored right now. I guess that’s not the best state to write in. OH! We saw a weird light out by Dakota Dunes / Cranberry Flats! It hovered in one spot kind of high up in the sky, and it would turn on and off and sometimes get really bright. At one point I thought I could see a red light on it. And my friend saw a yellow light. It went lower and higher but it mostly stayed in that one spot. It creeped us out, even watching it from a fully lit parking lot was a little creepy. And when we first saw it we were right out at Cranberry Flats standing outside the car smoking. Chills! UFO thrills!

I shouldn’t have said that I wanted to see something. Still, it wasn’t as freaky as those two lights we saw that one October. In 2006, what a strange time.

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