On Friday night my friend took me to the Saskatoon Field house where we worked out. I did the elliptical for the first time ever for ten minutes and wore myself out, then we biked for fifteen minutes and walked on the treadmill for fifteen minutes and then did a mile on the track. It was really fun. I think I need more gym buddies. I can use all the leisure centres in Saskatoon until October. It has such potential, having a leisure card that I got because I was on welfare. But it’s been under utilized.

I hear exercise is really good when detoxing from that thing I love. It’s something to keep in mind. Today I went to use the treadmill, but the magnet that is supposed to be the emergency stop went missing so I got mum’s beading needle magnet on a little telescoping stick and taped it to the treadmill. It worked. Then mum found the real magnet, but I didn’t want to interrupt my stats on the treadmill just to change magnets.

It made me sweat, which surprised me. I was so sweaty! Mum is thinking of asking her friend to trade the treadmill for an elliptical. That would be sweet too, although I feel afraid of doing 30 minutes on an elliptical.

I’m not exercising with a goal to lose weight though, I just want to have better muscles and more strength. I don’t care if some extra padding hangs around.

The roommate situation has calmed down for now, so I am glad about that.

And I am still not smoking. It has been 4 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours and 29 mins.
And I have saved: 121.37 Dollars by NOT smoking 399 cigarettes! I was even working in close proximity with a smoker on Saturday and I didn’t feel like I wanted one at all. It was good. I am making some major changes in my life finally. It’s like I have obsessed over being better about exercise and quitting smoking and other things for years and finally they are starting to happen. Good things could be around the corner!

I read about warm or room temperature lemon water being good for you, so I tried it. Lemons are kind of expensive though, 1.25 a lemon! That’s not right!

I confess though, I didn’t eat my beans at supper. I didn’t even put them on my plate. I should have. Maybe I can eat a fruit to make up for it.

I’m in the middle of making my Super 8 film for the 8 fest. I am trying to get it done for Tuesday so I can slip it in the mail. My friend Shavonne and I coloured all over my Super 8 with twelve different sharpies. So now there is just the soundtrack to do. I’m a little bit blocked, but I can see it starting to come together.

I only have the next two years of my life planned out. I think I want to come up with a five year plan. The last time I had a five year plan was when I got out of high school. Now if someone asked me where I saw myself in five years, I wouldn’t know.

It would be easier to make a five year plan if I knew if I was going to be single or not. I’m not really sure. Anyone could happen. I wish I could go see my psychic and get some kind of timeframe for how long I will have to wait before I get into a real relationship. I just really want to finally be able to change my relationship status, because even though there was a steady stream of hotties I had crushes on, there was never any established relationships for the whole time I have had facebook.

I used to hide my single status, just to have some mystery about the whole thing, but it wasn’t as exciting as being able to put Thirza Cuthand is in a relationship with Betty Bear or whoever.

There probably is a Betty Bear who’s going to kick my ass for using her name. I should have used Mary Jane Doe.

I’m getting close to being mostly sober. I think I can do it. I just have to get a good support network. And not NA because they swear too much. I’m scared. I don’t know who I will be without it. It could be good. I won’t know unless I try. And I can still drink alcohol. For now. Last night I had one beer all night and didn’t care. If I just had to quit drinking, I would have an easy time.

I think that my addiction requires elements of substance abuse recovery and basic smoking cessation techniques. I dunno. I have to do more research.

But at the same time, I don’t want to change everything all at once.

The high from exercising is really nice. Maybe I should change my interests from substances getting me high to more natural highs. Like exercise and meditation. What else gets you high? OH RIGHT! Sex! I could give up pot for sex, that would be easy!

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