What the hell?

I started a class! 😀 I am taking “The Social Construct of Mental Health and Illness” through Coursera! I watched the Introductory video lecture just now and it was really interesting.  I can already tell I am really going to enjoy this class!  Coursera is a wicked site, it’s where you can sign up for and take university classes from reputable universities for FREE!  This class is only six weeks long, I am looking forward to the ideas it will spark for me. 

What is going on in my life?  Well I should update you with my job status.  So far it is still up in the air!  I called and asked when they would get back to us, because today has been three weeks since my interview.  They said they are still doing interviews and it would be another week or two! Holy crap!  They are hiring 25 people for various locations around Saskatchewan, so I guess it would take quite a while.  I hope I get it!  I really do need this job, it would help immensely and let me save up money for the big move!  My cuz Deanna read my tarot cards on her phone (I don’t know how accurate electronic readings are) and it affirmed that I would be getting into University and moving away.  So that is going to cost a lot to get me and the animals and our stuff there.  And we need to buy a whole bunch of new stuff when we arrive too, like kitchen crap and lamps and various household items.  And basic staples like spices and flour and condiments.  And dog and cat food and kitty litter and a new litter box and junk.  And enough to live on until my funding starts coming in.  I found out I am guaranteed an apartment in residence if I apply for one before June, so as soon as I find out I am in I am going to put my name down. 

Auntie Beth has been here, we’ve been having a good time.  Steven was only a jerky drunk twice, which is pretty good for him! 

I have work at the Mendel Art Gallery, so my opening was on Friday.  They took us out for dinner and Mum and I had a spagattini with pork and venison, it was SO GOOD!  And I asked for a shirley temple but they were out of grenadine.

I have been having shirley temples everywhere, it’s pretty much my favorite drink right now.  I like it because it’s kind of fancy and it tastes good and it has grenadine.  I went to State and Main with some queerdo ladies and my friend Emily bought shots for everyone and she wanted me to have one so she got them to make me one with chocolate milk and chocolate sauce!  It was really nice, I felt like a badass, it was so funny! 

I am still not smoking cigarettes and I am into Step 3 now, doing well, didn’t notice too much difference from Step 2.  Not like when I went from Step 1 to Step 2, I had some cravings then.  But this time the difference was so imperceptible.  It’s been a fairly painless quit this time around.  I am also taking nicotine lozenges too, I’m not sure when I will quit them but it has to be soonish.  I’m gonna give myself about a week after Step 3 is done before I go off them I think.  Just eventually forget to take them and then let nicotine go completely out of my body and move on with life.  I’m really not thinking about smoking anymore, it’s like I’ve forgotten about it.  Feb 2 will be 2 months!

I went for a coffee date last week with someone from OK Cupid.  It was nice, we talked for two hours, had lots to say to each other.  I don’t know if a spark was there, but it was a good time and friendly.

I’m really tired.  It’s late!  I’m going to turn off lappy and go to bed.  I have to get back into the Idle No More movement, I was so excited about it in the beginning and lately I haven’t gone to ANYTHING!  And it’s not because I don’t care, I think it’s just because I find out about things too late.  Shame shame!

My wet dreams are still about masturbating.  It’s rather bizarre!  If I have a dream involving someone else I will be so delighted!  I’m just directionless in my lustfullness.  No one to be horny for.  I had a dream with my ex girlfriend in it, but I can’t remember what she was doing besides being pretty.  She keeps popping up in my dreams lately, I had a dream I was gonna marry her and my family was all getting ready for our wedding and then I was like “Wait!  She’s not the second girlfriend after I saw Barb Powell!  We’re gonna break up!  I can’t marry her, I don’t wanna get divorced!”  Weird!

I really do think I’m gonna be single until I move away.  Saskatoon’s fairly thin on the ground for Thirza Appropriate girlfriends.  And the only lover I’ve had in the last six years lived in Berlin, what the hell????

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