A lot can happen in a day!

Someone replied to the ad I placed in “Long Lost Relationships” looking for my long lost ex lover and gave me the name of someone who I then messaged who gave me my long lost ex’s name, which she had changed two times since I knew her.  As it happened the last time she changed her last name was when she got married to her husband and now she has children.  So that’s that!  I’m glad I know what happened to her now though, because I had been curious for so long.  And now I won’t be wondering in the back of my head.

Tonight I cleaned my room.  It looks way better.  It’s too late to wash my sheets but I think I will do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am finally hanging out with the woman from OKC! 🙂  I have no expectations, it would be nice to have another friend.  She seems nice, we friended each other on Facebook, so I know the kinds of things she posts sort of. 

I have to do two things this weekend.  And they both involve the postal service.  I had better get on that!  I think I have printed out my updated distribution contract four times and never bothered to go to the printer room and sign the damn thing!  Gotta get on it!  And I have to mail away a DVD!

Tuesday I am hoping to get a call about setting up a job interview.  So that will be nice.

What else?  Aw, not much.  I had a dream last night that I had a girlfriend, and it wasn’t one of my exes.  So I guess that means I am going to move forward with someone new eventually.  I was having a bunch of dreams about one ex for the last month, just make out dreams.  And I think it was just loneliness.

I’m really tired.  We watched Indiana Jones for like, three hours!  I’m exhausted.  And I have to be up by noon, so I should get to sleep!  Gonna cuddle my pup! 3>

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