don’t eat my fingers!

I’ve totally been listening to this song over and over!  It’s so catchy! 

I’m doing well.  I had a good day yesterday, went for frozen yogurt with this new friend.  We had good conversation, which felt nice.  I could hang out with her again.

Oh man!  Dora is barking at me over and over right now!  She has such a high pitched bark!

I had a dream I was giving birth!  And I had planned to give this baby away but then I suddenly started thinking about keeping it.  It was so weird.  And then not to be outdone by me, my best friend went into labour too! The last thing I remember is saying to her “Maybe our babies will be best friends!”

I’m going to be making jam tomorrow.  JAM! 😀  My favorite thing my Grandma used to cook when I was a kid was Strawberry Jam.  It was so freaking good and way better than store bought jam.  She would make bannock for us to eat it off of and we would just sit there eating all this jam and bannock.  I miss that.  So I am trying it.  I have nearly perfected pies, now I just have to do more!  My favorite things!

I remember when I first quit drinking and drugging, I thought life without all that was pretty boring.  But since then I have realized it is the opposite, drinking and drugging were boring and making me a dull person, and since then I have discovered a lot of fun and interesting things in life.  I feel like I have a fuller life now.  It’s good. 

This dog is trying to eat my fingers and I am tired, so it’s time for bed!

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