Chest reveal

I think my chest has finally gotten to a point when it’s a little easier to share. The first chest pic I showed online was a little more fresh, but now it’s losing the yellows and getting more pink. It’s still healing obviously. But I feel good about it. It’s still got some swelling so it’s got a ways to go but I think it looks good.

A light skinned trans man with a bare chest which has two scars under each pec. He has a tattoo on his chest and is happy
Healing is going well!

I’m really happy I decided to go with the nipple grafts. I was so dubious for so many reasons but also having nipples was important for me. I like the aesthetics of it and didn’t feel like tattoos would get the 3D sensation of nipple grafts. They’ve been relatively easy to heal so far, and everything is still attached.

Also I’m starting to see my man cleavage between my pecs which is pretty cool. I’m really happy with how that is turning out. I know it’s still gonna be a while until I know what my chest looks like. Like honestly it will take a year for scars and stuff to settle. Also I do get keloids sometimes, but they do fade and flatten so I’m not too worried about it if that happens.

I miss the gym and I miss being able to do stuff by myself like taking out the trash and doing my laundry. I’m going to try and go out a bit more with friends in the next few weeks while I heal. Like not going to places that are super busy where someone could bump my chest. But like, going to the park and to restaurants and for ice cream etc. would be nice.

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