Oatmeal and maybe Demisexual?

I was just thinking about that time I had sex a few months ago and started thinking about how I wanted them to leave so I could get oatmeal. Like I just suddenly felt done and wanted to do other things alone. It was so weird tho and I realize there’s something about casual sex that leaves me a bit bored. And I think maybe I am demisexual? But I can have casual sex and sometimes it’s fun. It’s just that I would probably not be thinking about oatmeal if I was with someone I was super in love with and lusting after. I can be attracted to people but also sometimes my attraction is really just “You don’t look bad anyway.” Like they’re decent enough and we’re both horny. I guess that’s a guy thing? BUT at the same time I think there have been people that I’ve been super into and not thinking about oatmeal at all. Like there’s a difference between “you don’t look bad” and “You’re the most dreamy person I’ve ever met!” and I know I can feel both of those things.

Maybe what I want is more sex that is better than oatmeal. Ha ha omg a real sad version of “your love is better than chocolate.” “Your sex is better than oatmeal.”

I mean the REALLY sad part of that is oatmeal is just gruel honestly. What a low bar for passion!!!

Now I wonder if I could rate sex by whether or not I would pass up eating certain foods to have it? Like there must be some kind of sex that is better than charcuterie and that impresses me because I love charcuterie.

BUT it’s not really about the sex, it’s about the emotions! How much romance and true love do you need to pass up a charcuterie plate?

OMG or a dungeness crab! With lots of butter. Who will I ever fall in love with who would possess me to abandon a good crab and oyster dinner to be with them?


Actually ok I’m just really hungry right now. But I have oatmeal! Which is not as amazing as oysters but apparently still beats a so-so hookup.

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