Politics and Chest Hairs

Healing is still going well! Things are improving every day. But also I’m really so ready to be done with healing. I am seeing the nurse on Friday for my four week follow up and hopefully get the go-ahead to get out of the binder for good. BUT also I am still a bit fluid filled and so I’m worried they are gonna say I have to keep it on for a while longer until that part is absorbed. I guess I’ll find out! One swollen section is diminishing and looking more like the other side, so that’s good. It’s a long process really. And also like, even tho it was a very wanted surgery, it’s also still a traumatic experience to have any kind of major surgery, so there’s a lot that has to settle down.

I was checking my chest today before putting gauze and the binder back on and I can start feeling the stubble of chest hair coming in. It’s kind of trippy! ALSO I had kind of forlornly given up on body hair, but puberty DOES take a number of years and so I guess this is my timeline. It could also be that top surgery sparked some hair growth while that whole area is healing. It’s fascinating.

Transitioning is really an amazing experience with many positive points. It’s depressing that people are trying to use it to achieve political ends by restricting who can access it or banning it entirely.

I don’t know that I’ve spoken much on my blog about how I feel about the political climate right now around trans rights and gender affirming health care. Clearly it affects me. I was looking into flying to South America for a gig and realized I would need to go through Sao Paolo instead of Miami because I don’t even know if I could use the bathroom in Florida when I have to pass through customs and get to my connecting flight. My ability to travel the world has always been restricted because of LGBTQ laws in certain countries, but now it’s closer and in the USA that I am having troubles.

AND ALSO now Canadians are coming up with those laws too. Of course the whole anti-trans legislation thing is a long range plan by evangelical Christians, the lowest of the low. And it’s going to lead to broader laws against LGBTQ2S people and women and BIPOC people. AND ALSO it’s being used as a distraction so we don’t attack the actual issue affecting all of us, Climate Change. Because lets be honest, climate change is coming for all of us. There is nothing that will protect us from climate disasters, especially when governments are more interested in picking on a tiny minority instead of actually standing up against fossil fuel industries.

I used to try and give audiences hope. But seeing people constantly fall for these right wing grifts using my identity as some kind of “controversial” hot topic issue is demoralizing. You know what I actually think? Fascism is gonna run rampant again and we are all going to die from climate change. I feel responsible to give hope when I talk to people about the future. But people are falling for fascism and transphobia is a real easy entry level ideology to become in love with fascism. Transphobia sells. Bigotry sells. The people with the money are just trying to make trans people the enemy to hide from the fact that they are largely responsible for ruining the earth for the next generation, and sitting on their asses trying to make the most money until they die or move to fuckin Mars.

Trans people are not your enemies. They are using us and distracting you. And you know what? If you are in favour of all these transphobic policies, maybe your house should fucking burn down and you should be flooded and you should just go to the hell you preach about so much.

Not my readers tho I know you’re generally cool.

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