Considered Pornography by the Internet Service Provider

Well, I was gonna post on this page but I guess I have to tether my phone to actually do that, so I am writing this offline and posting later to save data. I was wondering because the wifi here won’t let me look at definitely legit pornography, so I was tethering to my phone for j/o sessions. BUT NOW I find out my own sad sack overshare blog is ALSO pornography.

Please let me know if you have ever orgasmed from my self-indulgent anxieties as detailed here. I would love to know! I never thought of myself as a pornographer but I guess I am, according to right wing leaning Internet Service Providers. I should step it up I don’t think my writing or art has ever made anyone cum. Lol emotional pornography. I do know that my friend who is a school teacher says their school blocks this webpage, and that was a long time ago.

ANYWAY I am in Buenos Aires and it’s been really nice. I am TOTALLY out of my element in terms of not knowing enough Spanish tho, I know very minimal things. I need to practice more. Google has been helpful though, I learned the word for pumpkin (calabaza). Someone on Grindr taught me the word for cocksucking because he prefers to use the Spanish word as it isn’t so rough (peteros). I guess that’s a trigger word for pornography but like whatever grow up.

I’m feeling in between here because I feel too hairless for the men (and also I’m not sure how to signal I also date men) and too dudely for the women (and also I date women but I don’t think I’m around women who date trans men but who knows). There was that one guy on Grindr into peteros tho so I might meet him (and he did specifically say he liked how hairless I was). It’s a confusing time! I also don’t know enough Spanish and I can do easy things like order uno café con leche y dos medìalunas, or uno calabaza risotto y uno limonada. But the menu and google is helping me. I had an awkward time at the store because I was trying to buy blueberries at the wrong counter and they were trying to tell me to go to the fruit and veg guy’s till. I did figure it out (or they figured out how to show me what they meant). I’ve been eating a lot of empanadas and I think the festival people are like “Uhhh but there are also all these other things you could be eating” which is fair but I know where the nearby cheap empanada place is that seems to know enough English so it’s kind of a standby at the moment.

The festival people are great, they are radicalizing me ha ha. The director Diego was telling me how their gender identity laws work here because they are MUCH better than Canada. In Canada I need to get a doctor’s letter to change my gender on my ID, but here you just go and tell them who you are and they change it. Even eight year olds can just go to their teachers and state their name and gender identity without needing anyone’s permission. Diego was saying Identity is a human right and I’m like fuck of course it is that makes so much sense. Also it makes me realize how backwards Canada is still. I mean the whole thing with trans kids is still being debated there, and here it’s just a human right.

Of course tho there’s a lot of violence against trans people in Argentina, one trans person gets murdered every week. I know we have violence against trans folks in Canada but I don’t know if it’s because our population is smaller but it’s not at that scale.
But also the population of Buenos Aires alone is comparable to the population of all of Canada. So there’s differences.

The economy here is in a bad way, so things are really cheap according to my exchange rate. However I notice I get charged more in certain touristy places, like, I think they just know I have more money. Like I bought a stamp and postcards and it was kind of nuts, and of course it was from a touristy gift store. So I just mailed one postcard. I might mail the rest from Canada, but I don’t know.

My money situation is also sucky but I’ve managed to coast on my perdium so far. BUT FUCK! So many places owe me money and they all very happily tell me I’ll get it in a few weeks while their systems process whatever. No one is in a hurry to pay artists. It sucks. It really does, and I know they could speed it up but they don’t, it’s not THEM who has to pay the rent, it’s ME. So I could get tossed out of my apartment but whatever, they’re not gonna rush the administration to put my payments through. I also still have $8000 worth of travel grants that I don’t know about yet. I would love to have them because I’ve had to front a lot of money for the London trip. For this trip I got some help from the Embassy of Canada because we were waiting and waiting and I needed to get a plane ticket to come here so they used my artist fee to buy it. But now I’m in this weird situation of needing my artist fee and I still am waiting to hear from the ISO if I am getting covered.

Basically I don’t think I’m gonna get any money until I’m back in Canada. Because people who have money to give me are fucking slow and not in a hurry at all. And I still have another week here and I guess I’m just lucky that the economy here is not great so I can get things relatively cheaply unless they know I’m a tourist (which they clue in on pretty fast when I don’t understand what they are saying). But really I just wish I had money again so I could like, actually go get a steak and not another dos empanadas. I’ll be fine I guess I have a place to stay this whole time and the festival is looking out for me, and I do have family back home who could send me money in an emergency.

ANYWAY ha ha I guess that’s all for this blog. I am gonna tether to my phone now and try to post this.

It's a pornography store, I was buying pornography

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