Chest Update and Shirtless Outdoors for the First Time

So my new chest is doing awesome. I thought I could post a new pic of it here for your perusal. I think I have a bit of dog ears going on, BUT overall still really happy with it. Won’t go to talk about a revision until maybe September. It would probably be a simple liposuction revision on both sides and a bit of removal in the middle. But I’m doing good! Here it is today.

Theo's Chest
My chest today, almost 10 months after top surgery

At some point it won’t be new anymore. Although I guess I plan improvements. Like I still want to build my pecs up.

OK Todd is freaking me out! I have the window open (but there’s a screen) and he keeps looking outside and then getting scared and going under the couch. What is he seeing?! We’re not on the ground floor, all there are up here are squirrels. And maybe the odd athletic raccoon I guess. What ever it is is very concerning to him!

Anyway back to my chest, hopefully a murderous raccoon is not lurking outside.

I’ve decided to start doing pushups every day. I’m starting slow with 30 pushups a day. Although yesterday I could only manage 20. But that’s because Todd thought it was a game and kept trying to give me kisses and was doing play bows because I guess that’s what he thought I was doing ha ha. Lil guy. Posey used to be like that but she’s matured.

She’s so lovely but she really is SO OLD now, like she’s ten but I can tell she is slowing down. She’s on heart medication. BUT ALSO has been putting on weight because she’s eating Todd’s food. It’s a mess, she needs to lose weight. She’s like a little turkey. Or a piglet. I mean she’s adorable she’s just wider than Todd is and I need to get them both into a more equal space, because Todd has been too skinny. BUT he is finally putting on weight so I’m happy about that. But Posey needs less. Ahhh. Pets! Having a really old girl and a really young boy is very different! When Little Mister got old there came a time when he couldn’t really do walks anymore. I would take him out to the courtyard and he would sniff around a bit and then ask to go back inside. So that time might be coming. Although right now Posey still likes a walk. They’re short walks, she goes out for 20-25 minutes. But Todd could probably go for longer. I might try bringing him places with me. I think he could get used to it, he used to go on streetcars when he was just a little baby, getting carried in my bag. But he’s gotten more barky with people. It’s an experiment I guess.

ANYWAY on Sunday I went to boxing class in the park and my shirt turned out to be dirty, so I took it off. It was my first time in the world shirtless! Aside from being in swimming pools/hot tubs! I stuck to the shade, so I think my scars are okay. I might go without a shirt next time at boxing class too. Some other trans masc people with top surgeries have been taking shirts off in class before, but it was my first time!

I’ll definitely need to start carrying around sunscreen though. Because my scars turned out sooooo nice and I don’t want to mess them up. PLUS ALSO I should just start carrying around sunscreen anyway because the sun is not always our friend. Not in this climate, with this amount of radiation. So sad! It feels nice on my chest though, I used to only go shirtless indoors.

Anyway it’s after midnight and probably too late to do pushups, but also it’s finally cooler so maybe I will do them before I go to bed.

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